We’ve got everything you need to host an unforgettable party – intrigue, thrills, and hilarity are at your fingertips!

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Our passion: Games you’ll never forget!

We’re die-hard game authors, fans, and education enthusiasts. Games hold a secret power – they kindle wonderful new worlds in the imagination. This is essential for a healthy and vibrant society. In today’s digital dominion, old school in-person games build invaluable social connections, bring together people of different backgrounds, and offer experiences you’ll treasure for the rest of your life. Mysterando exists to proudly carry this torch – and make it easy for you to host an awesome experience!

We sell all our games exclusively online. The moment you complete your purchase, everything you need is ready for download. This means lower prices and no shipping. You can start playing right away!

Whether it’s cops and robbers as children in the back yard, a treasure hunt with friends, or an adult murder mystery party – we’ve got your love of games covered. As a fun-loving grandpa once told us at a games fair: If you want to stay young forever, never ever stop playing games.

Treasure hunts for children

Murder mystery parties for adults

Family get-togethers, Christmas holidays, or children’s birthday parties – keep on playing!

Organizing an exciting game evening where time flies by or surprising the kids with a brilliant scavenger hunt might seem like a magic trick. But that’s where the Mysterando team shines – we’ve made it our business to give you everything you need to effortlessly delight your guests.

All our games have detailed instructions. We explain the rules and provide useful tips and suggestions. If you have additional questions, reach out to us – we’re happy to help.

With us, you’re all set for a stellar experience. So be forewarned: our games are so good they’re addictive. Don’t be surprised if your guests beg you for more!