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Mysterando Customer Service

In case of an emergency:

Question: One of our players has fallen ill and can’t make it to game night. But we bought a game for exactly 8 (or other) people. What do I do now?
Answer: You can’t play the game with less people than it’s designed for because each character is interwoven with the other characters. Please write us an email and we will send you the game for one person less (in this case, 7 people) free of charge. When you play, use the game materials of the new game. If time is very short, please buy the game version you need, and we’ll refund the purchase price afterwards. (Please do this only in case of absolute emergency, as there are costs for us).

Question: After I unzip the zip file, there are missing files. / A file cannot be opened. / An error displays during the unzip process.
Answer: Our files are all checked and error-free, but it can happen that an error occurs during downloading or unzipping. Please download the file again, then try unzipping again. Ideally, download and unzip on a different computer. You can download each file up to 20 times.