Bring Back the Horses


Farmer Colin is really upset! During the night, his favorite horses all escaped through a huge hole in the fence! The farmer begs you to help him find his missing horses and bring them back to the farm. To do so, the children will have to face challenging puzzles and work as a team! Each time they solve a puzzle, they’ll discover the hiding place of one of the horses and can bring it back to the farm. Once all the horses are back, Farmer Colin will give them a big reward! This treasure hunt can be played either indoors or outdoors.

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Print and start playing

After paying, you’ll immediately receive an email with the download link to the game. Download the pdf file (approx. 6 MB) and open the file. The game contains about 20 color pages including instructions, practical tips, and the treasure hunt itself. Print out the treasure hunt section in color. Set aside 30 minutes to hide all the puzzles before the kids start playing. See the “How it works” page for detailed instructions.

Take a look at the treasure hunt

The older the children, the longer the hunt is, and the trickier the puzzles become. See the following three images for a first impression.

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