Once Upon a Time in Sicily

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Peace returns to Sicily. So do the powerful mafia families. Familiar, dangerous faces once again walk the streets of the dreamy town of Corleone. It’s high time, they’ve decided, to rebuild their empires of weapons, drugs, and protection rackets. But it’s not just the mafiosos who sense the time is ripe. Up-and-coming families hope to gain influence through oiling the gears of the political machinery—and oiling their machine guns, too.

And so, at hostess Maria Dutto’s birthday party in the Valle dei Templi restaurant, a crude and colorful assortment of ruthless mafiosi mingle with the other influential invitees. The atmosphere is tense. Many of the guests would like nothing more than to see the rival sitting across from them clad in cement shoes and tossed into the ocean.

But there’s not only delicious Italian food on the table tonight—for murder is also on the menu! Both the killer and the victim are among the guests. While the characters won’t all survive the night, every player will get a chance to solve the case!

Take a look at a sample Murder Mystery Party
Our preview gives you a sneak peak of the actual game. You’ll see the 16-20 player version of the game. The smaller version of the game (for 11-15 players) works exactly the same, but contains 5 fewer characters.

Print and play

We’ve especially designed this game for large groups and we guarantee you a murderously entertaining evening! After you pay, you’ll receive an email with the download link to the game (a set of zipped PDF files, approx. 80 pages). All you have to do is download the game, print the relevant pages, and start playing!

What is a mix ‘n mingle murder mystery party?

Classic murder mystery dinner parties are played seated at a table over a three course meal, with a round of clues and conversation for each course. But in the exciting mix ‘n mingle format, everyone is on their feet, constantly moving between all the guests, performing small tasks, sometimes discussing clues in groups, sometimes secretly exchanging bribe money for insider information. The host or hostess can play with and doesn’t learn any spoilers while preparing the game.
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