The Murder at Baldrennan Abbey

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A secluded, foggy valley deep in the heart of the Highland wilderness hides the ancient masonry of Baldrennan Abbey from prying eyes. Here, the holy ways have remained the same for hundreds of years, steadfastly resisting history’s decadent march. Lately, the group of nuns who call Baldrennan home has diminished; the abbess struggles to find youthful members to join this life of remote solitude, entirely cut off from the outside world—including the internet—except for a single telephone line.

Despite the Abbess’ fervent protests, the Church has decided to sell the abbey. For the first time in years the candlelit corridors echo to visitors’ footsteps—prospective buyers from all corners of the globe, eager to convert Baldrennan Abbey into some bright new commercial venture. But when real estate entrepreneur Nick Taylor is found dead in the abbey garden on the second day of his visit, nuns and guests alike stare at each other with ice in their veins. There’s not another soul for miles in all directions, meaning the killer is one of them!

The police are alerted, but in the meantime the abbess summons everyone into the dining hall. She’s convinced the truth will come out long before the law arrives…

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Our preview gives you an insight into the game. You’ll see the 8 person version of the game. All the characters are suspects.

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The Murder at Baldrennan Abbey is a hilarious, intriguing murder mystery party for 4, 5, 6, 7, or 8 people. After you pay, you’ll receive an email with the download link to the game (8 MB, 65 pages, zipped PDF file). All you have to do is download the game, print the relevant pages, and start playing!

How our murder mystery parties work

You’ll find a brief overview on the “What is a murder mystery party” page. We write each game for a specific number of players. There are no optional or supporting roles (that’s too boring!). If one of your guests cancel, we’ll happily exchange your purchase for a version to match your number of guests at no charge.

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1 review for The Murder at Baldrennan Abbey

  1. Katrin Frank

    We have solved the murder!
    It was a very good, hilarious and entertaining Murder Mystery. We have special thanks for the staff for helping us pleasently and fast.

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