Host a murder mystery party at home: Gather your guests and solve another exciting Mysterando murder mystery.

Gather friends, family, or colleagues for an evening of fun – but this time, everything’s different. Your guests are not their usual selves, instead they’re cunning mafiosos, God-fearing nuns, opera stars basking in fame, or sharp-witted detectives. You yourself are right in the thick of things, enjoying a delicious meal and unravelling the deadly intrigue. As each layer is uncovered, one thing becomes certain – one of your guests is the killer!

Murder mystery partys for 4-20 people.

Criminal thrills, heaps of fun.

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Downloadable, printable murder mystery parties

At Mysterando, we’ve got everything you need: a gripping murder case full of wit, twists, and provocative characters. You don’t even have to wait – download, print, and play our games immediately after purchase.

Go on an exciting investigation with a Mysterando murder mystery. Each round reveals a new set of clues – can you solve the case from the comfort of your home?

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Invite friends and family to a delicious dinner, and we’ll deliver the suspense and intrigue of a thriller, including detailed game instructions. We’ve got you covered – whether you want to keep things small with an intimate group of 4, or cater for a much larger group. Experience an exciting evening at home with our murder mystery dinner parties!

Murder mystery parties for 4-9 people

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From $18,90

Murder mystery mix 'n mingle parties for 16-20 people

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First facts for your case – what does a murder mystery party involve?

Many people love solving intricate cases from their living room sofa. Crime stories and thrillers are a cornerstone of the entertainment industry! Are you a fan, too? Then get your hands dirty! With a murder mystery party from Mysterando, you can gather friends and family to crack the case over a delicious meal.

Host a murder mystery party at home with your loved ones and experience an evening you’ll never forget!

Some tips for a perfect murder mystery party at home

  • Build anticipation with the invitation: A murder in the monastery, or a killing in the casino? Our invitations get your guests excited for game night. Mysterando invitation cards are readymade – all you have to do is send them over email or messenger. The stage is then set for the game to begin.
  • Create a gripping atmosphere: You don’t need an interior decorator to set the mood – simple touches, like dimming the lights, can totally transform your living room. Ask your guests to help: if anyone has clothing or decorations that suit the theme, bring them along!
  • Dress the part: Of course, it’s not a requirement, but it makes things more fun and it’s far easier to slip into character when you’re looking the part. Are you the swashbuckling poker star? Your funky shirt, flashy gold chain, and bling sunglasses will keep you in the zone.
  • Dazzle your guests with a scrumptious meal: Prepare a decadent feast or serve dainty finger foods. Add to the ambience by matching the menu to the theme.

Our games

Our Mysterando games, your murder mystery party at home

Mysterando has already published a range of murder mystery parties. Each game is specifically designed to work with different numbers of players. This means your single purchase caters for both a minimal, intimate affair of four, up to a bawdy party of nine! There are no passive roles, everyone (including the host) is an active player.

Choose the game that best suits your vibe

  • The Murder at Baldrennan Abbey: A secluded Highland valley shelters the ancient abbey from prying eyes. Despite the Abbess’ fervent protests, the Church has decided to sell. Now, the candlelit corridors echo with prospector’s footsteps, eager to buy. But when real estate entrepreneur Nick Taylor is found dead in the abbey garden, nuns and guests alike stare at each other in disbelief. There’s not a soul for miles — meaning someone here is the killer! Suitable for 4-8 players.
  • Gatsby’s Last Secret: Step into the Flying Flapper, New York City’s most infamous speakeasy, where glitz is king and glamor is queen. It’s another wild Saturday night – guests drink, dance, and bedazzle, Prohibition be damned, for the Chief of Police is here, and he’s the drunkest of the lot! But the revelry grinds to a halt as a piercing scream announces the death of Frank Fitz, the owner himself, found dead in his upstairs office. This game is for 5-9 players.
  • The Dark Sin: The air inside Petit Péché is thick with the seductive scent of bubbling chocolate, tenderly melting nougat, and dense swirls of cocoa powder. On the evening of her celebration party, Charline’s dinner guests watch in horror as she tumbles to her death. Who on earth wanted her dead? The residents of this dreamy French town aren’t all pleased with her sweet success — you can’t sugar coat the wrongs of the past. Designed for 4-9 players.
  • Once Upon a Time in Sicily: After the war, peace returns — and so do the powerful mafia families. But it’s not just the mafiosos who sense the time is ripe. Up-and-coming families hope to gain influence through oiling the gears of the political machinery — and oiling their machine guns, too. And so, at Maria Dutto’s birthday party in the Valle dei Templi restaurant, a crude and colorful assortment of ruthless mafiosi mingle with the other influential invitees. Many of the guests would like nothing more than to see the rival sitting across from them clad in cement shoes and tossed into the ocean. A mix ‘n mingle format game for 11-20 players.
  • 1928: Bohemian Berlin: A cosmopolitan metropolis in constant flux, pulsing with a strange new life…at it’s heart is the legendary performing arts theatre, Metropol-Varieté. Week after week, audiences are left spellbound. The recurring scandals backstage have the public’s imagination on fire. And so it’s no surprise that for tonight’s special anniversary celebration, Berlin’s most famous artists mingle with notable names from politics, business, and the criminal underworld. But tonight, a killer walks among the guests, most of who will face the unnerving choice between loyalty and uncovering the truth. A mix ‘n mingle format game for 11-20 players.

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Buy – print – play: With Mysterando, nothing stands in the way of your exciting murder mystery party at home:

  • Easy order: Visit our store to choose the game that best suits your number of players.
  • Secure payment: We provide proven payment options for your purchase – choose between PayPal, or credit card (Stripe).
  • Simple game download: The moment we have proof of purchase, you’ll receive the download link for your murder mystery party. The download comes in PDF format and you can be ready to play with minimal prep time!

By the way: Coming Soon: Mysterando offers more than just murder mystery parties for adults. We also offer fun for the little ones – you can organize scavenger hunts for children – as well as a range of age-appropriate treasure hunts!

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