A huge amount of fun! You and your guests slip into unique character roles and investigate an intriguing murder case. But beware: one of you is the killer! They are trying to get away with their crime, and they’re the only player allowed to lie. To complicate things further, each and every player harbors dark secrets and has a clear motive to kill – it doesn’t take long before everyone seems suspicious…

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“Classic” versus “Expanded” Murder Mystery Parties

Mysterando offers two different murder mystery party formats: the “classic” experience for smaller groups, and the “expanded” version for much larger groups.

Classic murder mystery parties are written for 4-11 players. You’d usually play a classic game with people you already know, like friends and family. In this format, all the players gather at the dinner table to solve the case while enjoying a delicious meal. The murder has already taken place before the game begins – but the murderer is still right there among you, trying desperately to divert attention away from themselves. If you’re planning a game like this, we recommend taking a look at the sample of Gatsby’s Last Secret first.

On the other hand, expanded murder mystery parties are specially designed for large groups of up to 20 people. In this format, there is no central discussion circle – instead, players naturally flit between smaller groups throughout the evening, whispering something here, overhearing something there, hurrying to a corner where somebody is being accused. Players are prompted to move around again and again, so by the end of the night you’ve spoken to (and gotten to know) all of the guests. This is ideal for a real murder mystery party. The murder itself takes place during the evening, usually about halfway through (this is the major difference between the “classic” and “expanded” format). The person who was murdered now takes on a new role – as the detective called to the scene of the crime to solve the murder and find the perpetrator, who is still lurking among the guests!


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