When will I receive my order?
If you pay using PayPal or Stripe (credit card or direct debit – no stress, you don’t need to create a PayPal account), you’ll be emailed the download link right after your purchase.

What must I do to start playing?
You could start immediately after your purchase. Simply print out the documents in the email link and gather your fellow players! Ideally, though, allow a few days of prep time: email the invitations in your download package, organize dinner, and decorate the room to set the vibe.

How long does a game last?
2 to 4 hours. The exact duration depends on the players – games for fewer people tend to take less time. Experienced players need about 2 hours without meal breaks, while those who like to discuss things can happily keep playing for up to 4 hours.

Do I need to take notes?
A murder mystery party is fun for a variety of reasons. Some people enjoy dressing up and slipping into their characters. Others are engrossed by the story and want to pin down every detail. The rest take pleasure in the atmosphere, good company, and intriguing discussions. It’s up to you if you want to relax and puzzle things out, or meticulously plot out the details with pen and paper.

How old do players need to be?
Our experience has shown that ages 16 and up are easily able to slip into the roles of strangers and have great fun acting out their parts.

Do I have to cook?
A delicious meal is classically a part of a murder mystery party, but it’s by no means essential. If you’re hosting the event, the games are designed so you can play along – just make sure your food preparations don’t take too long and hold up the game. Of course, you can also serve your mystery dinner as a mystery breakfast, brunch, or lunch 😉

Do I have to dress up?
Nope, but it’s better if you do. Costumes make the game far more entertaining, especially if everyone dresses up. It’s much easier to slip into character if you’re already looking the part. Small accessories may be all you need: a hat, a necklace, or even something you can make yourself.

Are there any murder mystery parties for less than 4 people?
Nope. At a murder mystery party, only the killer may lie. Without a certain number of honest players, the truth becomes too muddy, and it’s almost impossible to catch the murderer. That’s why our games have a minimum of 4 players.

What’s the difference between an expanded murder mystery party (11-20 players) and a “classic” murder mystery party (4-11 players)?
The expanded format is especially written for large groups. In the smaller, “classic” format the gameplay revolves around a single common discussion. However, the nature of the expanded format encourages several groups simultaneously having their own discussions, sometimes whispered secrets, other times loud accusations. Individuals move between groups over the course of the game rounds and by the end of the evening you’ll get to know everyone at the party.

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