1928: Bohemian Berlin

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Berlin, 1928, in the fall. The metropolis is in constant flux, pulsing with a strange new life. The whole world watches, hypnotized, caught between fascination and disdain. Newly acquired luxury and the vibrant excesses of a cosmopolitan nightlife (brimming with daring costumes and dapper evening events) blurs the boundaries between day and night—and attracts people of all stripes. In stark contrast, working men and women battle poverty. Beneath the surface, political tensions simmer uncomfortably. Further beneath the surface, Berlin’s shadowy underbelly flourishes, growing fat on the lucrative returns from drug trafficking, extortion, and corruption. Regardless of where you fit into this picture, everyone is caught up in the intoxicating energy of this new bohemian Berlin.

But what drives this cultural change? If we had to point out a single source, it’s the legendary performing arts theatre, Metropol-Varieté. Week after week, the spellbinding performances sell out within hours of being advertised and the recurring scandals behind its doors serve only to increase everyone’s interest. And so it’s no surprise that for tonight’s special anniversary celebration, Berlin’s most famous artists mingle with notable names from politics, business, and the criminal underworld.

The evening’s events promise to be even more exciting and explosive than expected because (this much we can reveal) one attendee will not survive the celebration at the Metropol. Furthermore, the killer walks among the guests, most of who will face the unnerving choice between loyalty and uncovering the truth.

Take a look at a sample Murder Mystery Party

Our preview gives you a sneak peak of the actual game. You’ll see the 16-20 player version of the game. The smaller version of the game (for 11-15 players) works exactly the same, but contains 5 fewer characters.

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We’ve especially designed this game for large groups and we guarantee you a murderously entertaining evening! After you pay, you’ll receive an email with the download link to the game (a set of zipped PDF files, approx. 80 pages). All you have to do is download the game, print the relevant pages, and start playing!
What is a mix ‘n mingle murder mystery party?
Classic murder mystery dinner parties are played seated at a table over a three course meal, with a round of clues and conversation for each course. But in the exciting mix ‘n mingle format, everyone is on their feet, constantly moving between all the guests, performing small tasks, sometimes discussing clues in groups, sometimes secretly exchanging bribe money for insider information. The host or hostess can play with and doesn’t learn any spoilers while preparing the game.
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